Functional safety

In the event of dangerous failures and malfunctions, process-engineering systems and machines can be a source of risk for humans, the environment and property. Plant owner-operators have to analyze these risks in a risk assessment. Depending on the resulting risk, measures must be identified to reduce the level of risk by preventing, detecting and avoiding, recognizing and controlling faults. The primary aim is to ensure that systems and machines can be operated safely.


Functional safety is part of overall system safety, which depends on the correct functioning of safety-related systems for risk reduction. These systems have to perform their designated safety functions under defined error conditions and with a defined level of probability.

Kirchgaesser devices for safety-related applications

Kirchgaesser offers devices such as the MID-EX-E flowmeter or the TEM-EX-B temperature monitor for operation in safety-related systems and machines. These devices are certified by independent bodies such as DEKRA EXAM or TÜV in accordance with one or more of the following standards

  • EN 13849 - Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems
  • EN 61508 - Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems

Contact person

If you have any questions about functional safety, please contact our QM representative:

Michael Kuhrig (Graduate engineer FH)

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