Here, you can see an overview of our laboratories, as well as testing, calibration and adjustment equipment.

EMC test laboratory

Example: The emitted interference measured using the Quasi Peak Detector between 30 MHz and 1 GHz with limit values in accordance with CISPR 11

Technical devices may generate electromagnetic emission, and may therefore disrupt other surrounding devices or be disrupted by emissions from other devices. As part of the tests relating to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), it is ensured that devices do not mutually influence each other and result in unwanted malfunctions. The product must be resistant to electromagnetic influences from the outside. Furthermore, the internally emitted interferences must not exceed the legally defined limit values depending on the field of application.

In accordance with the law on electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, the legislator specifies that the corresponding protection requirements stipulated by limit values relating to immunity or emitted interference in relevant standards must be maintained. With the compulsory publication of an EC declaration of conformity, we declare that our products comply with EMC guidelines. A prerequisite for issuing an EC declaration of conformity is testing the equipment in accordance with the relevant standards and documenting the results in a corresponding test report.

In order to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with standards and functional requirements, we have our own EMC test laboratory. It plays an integral role in the product development phase and also in product qualification and validation. By taking initial measurements of prototypes and using the subsequent results, we are already able to obtain findings and measures to improve our products in the development phase.

RF test laboratory

Signal and spectrum analyzer

In order to develop and continually improve our products working in the microwave range, we have our own high-frequency laboratory with measurement equipment up to 30 GHz.

Alternating climate chamber

Alternating climat chamber

Errors that are made in extreme temperatures must be recognized as early as possible in the development process. For this reason, it is often necessary to test new modules and application prototypes in circumstances that simulate real extreme environmental conditions, specifically extreme temperature shifts, during development.
To this purpose we have an alternating climate chamber in our laboratory which can alternate temperature in the range of -40°C to 180°C at a speed of about 5 K/min.

Calibration systems

Calibration system for small flow meters

Ensuring our products are always of the highest quality is one of the most important aims for our company. The long-term stability and guaranteed precision of our measuring devices are therefore prerequisites. Even during production, all components are subject to continuous checks. Following assembly, our measurement technology is tested, calibrated and adjusted in accordance with the standards and regulations (DIN EN ISO 9001) using our four modern calibration devices.

Calibration devices are used to check completed measuring devices and to adjust the measurement error from a reference value to a minimum so that higher measurement accuracy can be achieved. The reference measuring device (normal) on the calibration device is subject to measuring-equipment monitoring so that higher calibration accuracy can be guaranteed.

In-circuit test

In-circuit tester

In Production, tens of thousands of PCBs are assembled and built every year. To ensure that our PCBs are always of the highest quality, they are subject to an in-circuit test (ICT), as part of which checking for errors in the conductor track, component faults and soldering defects are at the forefront.

Using its error statement at component level, the in-circuit test provides the information required for modern and economic quality assurance.

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