Temperature meter
- with local display

The robust and reliable TEMEX temperature meter for general mining applications is used for measuring the temperature of liquid and gas media. As an option, the device features a micro-processor-controlled display and evaluation unit with a large local display (TEMEX-E*).

The temperature measuring device features a G½ thread process connection and all electrical connections that are commonly found in underground mining, as standard. The measurement sensor length is variable and can be chosen ranging from 30…1000 mm. The device features numerous functions, such as limit value generation, measurement value simulation and error diagnosis.


Versions available

  • Standard version without evaluation electronics and local display
  • Standard version with evaluation electronics and local display
  • Remote version with evaluation electronics and local display


  • High precision quartz sensor or semiconductor sensor
  • Robust and reliable at different process conditions
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • High level of reliability and measurement stability
  • High profitability as it is wear and maintenance free
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Compact design

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