Microwave barrier
- With integrated bulk flow monitoring

The FQR57 / FDR57 microwave barrier with the FTR525 process transmitter with control unit is used for the non-contact and wear-free point level detection (min. / max.) and flow monitoring (flow / no flow, trend) of all types of bulk solids. The device is also suitable for detecting and counting objects, detection of deposits as well as monitoring of filling processes and material transfer points.

The microwave barrier can be installed on containers, conduits, shafts or on free fall shafts. It is possible to take a measurement through non-metallic container materials from the outside. By metallic containers it is recommended to use microwave-permeable windows made of glass, ceramic or PTFE.

The function of the microwave barrier is largely independent of the process conditions, such as the temperature and pressure in containers, aggressive or abrasive media, dust, mist, smoke and sediment deposits.

The intuitive operating concept of the FTR525 with graphical display makes it easy to adapt the microwave barrier to the process.

The microwave barrier is developed for gas and dust Ex applications.


Typical applications and bulk solids

  • Building materials industry: Cement, plaster, lime, expanded clay, wood chips etc.
  • Chemical industry: Fertilizers, plastic powder and granules, silica etc.
  • Food industry: Coffee, tea, tobacco, cereals, malt, animal feeds etc.
  • Energy generation: Coal, carbon dust, coke etc.


  • Point level detection and bulk flow monitoring combined in one measuring point
  • Measuring principle almost independent of the process conditions
  • Can also be used in difficult applications, where other measurement methods fail
  • Non-contact measuring method guarantees wear-free and maintenance-free continuous operation
  • Easy installation and commissioning without special tools
  • Parallel operation without mutual interference
  • Flush mounting, contactless installation possible
  • Electronics housing can be rotated by 360° after installation, allowing orientation into optimum position
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation via the Nivotester FTR525 with graphical display saves time and reduces costs
  • Many settings such as sensitivity, hysteresis, limit function, switching delay, attenuation
  • Simulation mode allows the simulation of an output signal independent of the process to set, for example, a downstream PLC or data logger
  • Easy mounting using R 1½, G 1½ or 1½ NPT thread, mounting bracket, installation flange, high-temperature adapter, high-pressure adapter and more
  • Conforms to ATEX and IECEx

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